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Birch & Besom

CUSTOM Perfume Oil Discovery Set

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Build your own perfume discovery set! Just choose which 5 scents you'd like. Each sample comes in a glass vial containing 1 ml of perfume oil.

Click here for our Master Scent List

*** SHOP APP USERS PLEASE NOTE: The Shop app does not allow you choose your scents. If you are purchasing via the Shop app, you must email us immediately after purchase and tell us which 5 scents you'd like, along with your order number. Failure to do this may result in your order being canceled and refunded.

About Birch & Besom Perfume Oils:

Our perfume oils are made with premium fragrance and essential oils in a base of pure, moisturizing jojoba oil. We use a skin-safe ratio of 75% oil base and 25% fragrance. 100% vegan and cruelty-free 🐇 

As with all new fragrances, please perform a patch test before use to ensure the fragrance plays well with your unique skin chemistry.

Virtually all perfume oils are meant to wear intimately close to your skin. Ours do not contain any alcohols or preservatives, so depending on your skin chemistry, you may need to re-apply more than you might be used to with alcohol-based perfumes.

How to Use:

With the lid on, invert the bottle a few times to ensure you get the most even application of ingredients. Body heat activates fragrance molecules, so apply the perfume to your pulse points - on your wrists, inner elbows, behind your ears and along your collarbone.

Store your oils upright in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

All of our products are for external use only. Always patch test before use. Do not use if allergic to any ingredients. Discontinue use if sensitivities occur.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Absolutely the best perfume I've ever had, such beautiful rich scents.


Firstly I want to say that their customer service is 10/10. I was sent the wrong order the first time, and they responded fast and resolved the issue immediayely.

Now the actual product: oh my GOODNESS, its amazing. I'll admit I was unsure how they would achieve some of the scents but let me assure you, they not only manage to achieve it, they far exceed expectations. The scents are delicious and exactly as described. The samples are the perfect size. Just overall a 10/10 for me!!


I love sampling new scents to find the right mood.

Perfect for the indecisive or picky!

I am pretty picky about my perfume, so I thought I would be lucky to like even one of the scents in my sample set, but honestly, I loved them all! I certainly have favorites, but I am having trouble deciding which one I want full size. The packaging was great and I got more uses out of each sample than I was expecting. This would be perfect for someone who is indecisive (like me) or picky (like me) to find a scent that they really love!

Dara Daniels
Definitely buying more

Loved all the ones I chose, but Strawberry Scarecrow and Starlings at Dusk were definitely the stand outs. The problem is that when all of them are beautiful, how do I make a decision on my favorite?