Master Scent List


Coven - Sun-drenched peach blossoms, sparkling grapefruit, white tea, gently wafting cedar incense 

Garden Puppies - A cozy shell stuffed with aromatic garden herbs, English ivy, sweet clover, and tiny wildflowers

Fae SmutYuzu zest and raspberry muddled with pomegranate syrup, sun bleached driftwood, ripe dragonfruits dripping down bare wrists, the smoldering gaze of a stranger and the fuzzy, musky haze of a sultry afternoon

i'm baby - Gingerale with muddled lilacs, meyer lemon pastilles, baby's breath, and a tease of vanilla

Pacific Pearl - Pink jasmine blooms, ocean mist carried a mile inland, line-dried laundry still warm from the morning sun

Selkie - Secret grottos, smooth sea glass, pearlescent nacre, and irresistibly juicy pineapple

Boardwalk Sideshow - Salty sea air, bright orchids, mint limeade, white musk, jasmine

Calliope - Orange blossom, sparkling lychee, rose turbinado, vetiver

Carnival Cakes - Almond teacakes, cherry buttercream, cotton candy, black tea

Carousel Bunny - Pistachio ice cream, beachy vanilla, salted caramel, almonds

Creature Feature - Plush velvet seats, red theater curtains, buttery popcorn, that one soda with a Doctorate

Divination (Reformulated 2023) - Peach tea leaves, sultry incense, dark neroli, rum, cardamom, patchouli

Forevergreen - Spruce tips, mountain air, cool rain, moss-covered earth

Frog in Leather Chaps - Juicy melons, amphibious musk, worn-in leather 

Goblin Tea Emporium - Nag champa, blueberry, petrichor, pink pepper, assorted loose leaf teas

Harpy - Cloved oranges, patchouli, a leather bustier, and dark honeycomb brittle

Hexes 4 My Exes - Leather, Earl Grey tea, vintage powder, crushed violets, cauldron smoke 

Hot Gargoyles Near You! - Chiseled stone, lemongrass poundcake, a patinated weathervane, bird feathers carried on a metropolitan wind

Local Haunt - Spiced brandy, aged oak barrels, cinnamon, vanilla, a handful of mixed nuts from the bar

In The Styx - Cool mineral water, metallic silver, dry woods, aquatic atmospherics

Jungle Ghost - Vanilla orchids blanketed in cool fog, a nightgown clinging to damp skin, wet ferns brushing against bare legs

Malus Maleficium - Ripe apples, wormwood, mint tea, anise, ginger, clove

Marigolden - Chai lattes topped with nutmeg, cardamom and candied marigold petals

Mothma'am - House cashmere accord, patchouli, ozone, black pepper, candied sugar

Neon Beekeeper - Raw honeycomb, moonflower pollen, buzzing neon lights

Oaks & Roses - Sweet rose petals, vanilla marshmallow, white oak, iris flowers

Séance - Vanilla musk, wild honey, melting candles, chestnut, smoked woods, cashmere

Starlings at Dusk - Almond macarons, sugar crystals, cashmeran, lofty ozone and pink peppercorn 

Sticky Fingers - Vanilla cremeaux, creme brulee, and gobs of thick marshmallow fluff

Strawberry Scarecrow - Strawberry milk, a warm flaky croissant, cozy flannel stuffed with sun-baked hay, marshmallow meringue

Toasty Ghost - Sweet pumpkin, scorched marshmallows, and a puff of campfire smoke


Bigfoot Hex Lab (Returns Fall 2024) -Pinecone, brown sugar, pecan cream, cardamom, kefir lime

Blue Jay Orchards (Returns Fall 2024) - Apple cider donuts, gently smoked honey, orchard soil, cedar, ripe gourds

Merry Crisis (Returns Winter 2024) - A Christmas tree on fire, singed marshmallows, and the blanket we bundled up in until the fire truck came

Solstice (Returns Winter 2024) - Crisp footprints in gently fallen snow, a flickering candle lantern, and bright stars twinkling in the winter sky

Homesick Halloween - Crisp leaves, autumnal chocolate, suede riding boots, your favorite sweater

Tootsie Fetish - Chocolate taffy, hot cocoa, autumn air