Master Scent List

Harpy Holidays - Cloved oranges, patchouli, a leather bustier, and dark honeycomb brittle

Marigolden - Chai lattes topped with nutmeg, cardamom and candied marigold petals

Merry Crisis - A Christmas tree on fire, singed marshmallows, and the blanket we bundled up in until the fire truck came

Solstice - Crisp footprints in gently fallen snow, a flickering candle lantern, and bright stars twinkling in the winter sky

Starlings at Dusk - Almond macarons, cashmeran, lofty ozone and pink sugar


Fall 2023 Collection

Bigfoot Hex Lab - Pinecone, brown sugar, pecan cream, cardamom, kefir lime

Blue Jay Orchards - Apple cider donuts, gently smoked honey, orchard soil, cedar, ripe gourds

Creature Feature - Plush velvet seats, red theater curtains, buttery popcorn, that one soda with a Doctorate

Goblin Tea Emporium - Nag champa, blueberry, petrichor, pink pepper, assorted loose leaf teas

Hot Gargoyles Near You! - Chiseled stone, a patinated weathervane, bird feathers carried on a metropolitan wind, lemongrass poundcake

Homesick Halloween - Crisp leaves, autumnal chocolate, suede riding boots, your favorite sweater

In The Styx - Cool mineral water, metallic silver, dry woods, aquatic atmospherics

Jungle Ghost - Vanilla orchids blanketed in cool fog, a nightgown clinging to damp skin, wet ferns brushing against bare legs

Mothma'am - House cashmere accord, patchouli, ozone, black pepper, candied sugar

Neon Beekeeper - Raw honeycomb, moonflower pollen, buzzing neon lights

Sticky Fingers - Vanilla cremeaux, creme brulee, and gobs of thick marshmallow fluff

Strawberry Scarecrow - Strawberry milk, a warm flaky croissant, cozy flannel stuffed with sun-baked hay, marshmallow meringue

Tootsie Fetish - Chocolate taffy, hot cocoa, autumn air


Boardwalk Sideshow - Salty sea air, bright orchids, mint limeade, white musk, jasmine

Calliope - Orange blossom, sparkling lychee, rose turbinado, vetiver

Carnival Cakes - Almond teacakes, cherry buttercream, cotton candy, black tea

Carousel Bunny - Pistachio ice cream, beachy vanilla, salted caramel, almonds

Divination - Peach tea leaves, sultry incense, dark neroli, rum, cardamom, patchouli

Forevergreen - Spruce tips, mountain air, cool rain, moss-covered earth

Frog in Leather Chaps - Juicy melons, amphibious musk, worn-in leather 

Hexes 4 My Exes - Leather, Earl Grey tea, vintage powder, crushed violets, cauldron smoke 

Local Haunt - Spiced brandy, aged oak barrels, cinnamon, vanilla, a handful of mixed nuts from the bar

Malus Maleficium - Ripe apples, wormwood, mint tea, anise, ginger, clove

Oaks & Roses - Sweet rose petals, vanilla marshmallow, white oak, iris flowers

Séance - Vanilla musk, wild honey, melting candles, chestnut, smoked woods, cashmere

Toasty Ghost - Sweet pumpkin, scorched marshmallows, and a puff of campfire smoke