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Fragrance Notes: Bright watermelon, earthy green fig, sturdy olive branches, Egyptian musk, and soft jasmine petals. Support survivors in Palestine with this unisex fruity musk fragrance 🍉

As a small business and as American citizens, we stand against the horrific genocide taking place in Palestine after decades of oppression. "Sumud" is a rallying cry of Palestine meaning "steadfast perseverance" - a reference to the continued survival of their people and culture amid violent occupation and forced restriction of resources.

100% of the profits from each sale of Sumud will be donated as direct aid to a displaced family in Palestine.

Our current recipient is Haya Abdelwahed. You can learn more about Haya and her family on their GoFundMe page. Please donate directly if you’re able, or help us spread the word about Haya on social media. Thank you kind humans!

10ml Perfume Oil = $15 donated

2oz Fragrance Mist = $12 donated

1oz oil sample = $2 donated

Donations will be made monthly starting 7/5/24 and receipts will be posted to our Instagram account.


🤍 Naturally hypoallergenic jojoba oil improves skin hydration & elasticity with continued use

🤍 Alcohol-free mist is safe for body, hair, home, car, anywhere you'd like a little magic

🤍 100% vegan and cruelty-free 🐇

About Birch & Besom Perfume Oils

Our perfume oils are made with premium fragrance and essential oils in a base of pure, moisturizing jojoba oil. We use a skin-safe ratio of 75% oil base and 25% fragrance. 100% vegan and cruelty-free! Handmade with love and intention in small batches.

How to Use

Body heat activates fragrance molecules, so apply the perfume to your pulse points - on your wrists, inner elbows, behind your ears and along your collarbone.

For best results and longevity, use on moisturized skin. External use only. Patch test before using. Do not ingest or use if allergic to any ingredients. Store your oils upright in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Please Note: Virtually all perfume oils are meant to wear intimately close to your skin. Ours are made with a base of moisturizing jojoba oil which is blended with high quality, skin-safe fragrance & essential oils. They do not contain any alcohols or preservatives. Depending on your unique skin chemistry, you may need to re-apply more than you might be used to with alcohol-based perfumes.

As a small independent perfumery, we rely on reviews to keep us alive. Everyone has unique skin chemistry, senses, and preferences, so while you may not enjoy every scent we offer, we're confident you'll find one you love!

If there is anything wrong with your order, contact us right away so we can make it right. And if a fragrance misses the mark for you, please consider including all aspects of your experience with us when leaving a review, such as packaging, customer care, etc.

Thank you for your support!

Customer Reviews

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a perfume dedicated to Palestine, and donates to its people in need. Sumud is sweet and fruity with a musky depth. I appreciate Birch and Besom for being one of the few perfume brands to support Palestine, and support its people living freely- as all people should be able to… perfume is political! I am proud to support such a brand and cause

Ellen Cantarow
Lush, beautiful

I just love this perfume. It is warm and mellow and fruity and floral all at once. I love that its creators are donating their profits from it to Palestine. I am 83 now but for 30 years I wrote periodically about Palestine and its occupation by Israel from the West Bank. I just completed another article on Gaza that has been reprinted in 19 publications. I wear the perfume and think of poor besieged Palestine and the worldwide movement to save it.


Yall, she’s a keeper and a repurchase. It’s beautiful, unique, and long lasting. Best of all it’s unisex and supporting a good cause.
It has a really pretty evolution on my skin.. starts off bright, airy, and watermelon fruity sweet. Then the scent becomes darker with the olive and earthy notes. Even when all of that fades, I’m left with a soft musk that projects really well. Jasmine is listed in the notes, but don’t let that scare you. I’m not fond of florals, yet I found it added a lovely supportive touch.
Run, get it, and hopefully it works well with your skin chemistry like it did with mine 🥰


This is such a sweet and fruity scent. You will not be disappointed.


Smells amazing! Worth every penny!